Pet Euthanasia and Cremation Services in Edmonton

Pet Euthanasia and CremationThe staff at Summerside Vet Hospital understand that the death of a pet is a heart-breaking and painful experience. The grief you feel over the loss of your furry companion is a natural process as pets are an important part of our lives. They provide comfort, happiness and unconditional love. Our team members, also being pet owners themselves, have experienced the joy brought on by the human-animal relationship and have mourned the death of their own beloved furry companions. Some pet owners are lucky to have family and friends who show support during the grieving period; others may need to seek for support from people who realize the pain of losing a pet. We promise to be there by your side, with the support you need, till the very end.

The hospital is equipped to provide a sympathetic and humane euthanasia and can assist with cremation services when the time comes.

Why Choose us During this Difficult Time in a Pet’s life?

If you are considering euthanasia, but at the same time are still wonder if it is the right time, our vets in Edmonton can help you by assessing your pet’s quality of life and providing guidance while you make this critical decision.
We try to schedule our euthanasia appointments near the end of the day where it is quiet/peaceful so that we can have additional time to spend with you and your pet. When you arrive for your appointment, we will direct you and your furry friend into a private room where a blanket will be placed on the table. Following this, our staff will allow you as much time as you need to say goodbye to your furry companion; friends/family are most welcome to accompany you during this stressful situation and can stay till the entire procedure is complete.

If You Have Any Questions About our End-of-Life Services, Please Contact Us.