Pet Dental Cleanings & Oral Surgery in Edmonton

 Dental Cleanings & Oral SurgeryOur vets at Summerside Vet Hospital provide exceptional dental services to pets in and around Edmonton; these include regular cleaning/polishing and surgical extractions. These services are important in the management and treatment of severe oral disease conditions. Summerside Vet Hospital is equipped with the latest oral surgical equipment and is able to perform safe and advanced dental procedures for your furry friends.

Regular and preventive dental care is crucial to ensuring your pet’s long-term health.

Pet Dental Care

Animals with poor oral hygiene often suffer from periodontal disease which can result in heart, kidney and lung failure. This is why we, at Summerside Vet Hospital, offer a complete range of dental services for both dogs and cats. These include dental examinations, tooth extractions, as well as home care instructions for keeping your furry friend’s teeth clean and healthy.

Routine Pet Dental Examinations

Our veterinarians will conduct basic oral exams on all our patients during their routine physical exam. This allows us to identify any problems, in kittens/puppies, related to their deciduous (baby) teeth, missing teeth and/or oral swellings. Senior pets will also be examined for periodontal disease, the formation of plaque, tartar and/or oral tumors.

Caring for your pet’s teeth

The most common oral disease that pets suffer from is periodontal disease. However, they can also suffer from missing/broken teeth, cavities and orthodontic problems. These problems do not only affect your pet’s mouth, but will also cause infections that promote bacterial growth in other parts of the body. In other words, bad oral hygiene can lead to an unhealthy animal; this is supported by scientific evidence that shows chronic infection in any part of the body can have negative impact on overall health.

In order to keep your pet healthy and prevent oral problems:

  • Schedule a dental exam for your dog or cat every year
  • Schedule routine dental cleanings as recommended by the vet
  • If possible, brush your pet’s teeth daily
  • Give your pet dental hygiene treats
  • Serve pet food that controls tarter/plaque formation and promotes good oral health

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