Pet Dental Cleanings & Oral Surgery in Edmonton

 Dental Cleanings & Oral SurgeryAre you worried about your pet’s dental health? If yes, bring them to Summerside Vet Hospital for routine dental cleaning and treatment. For past many years, we are providing the right dental treatments and oral surgeries to dogs and cats suffering from conditions like bleeding jaws and gum problems.

Our dental services for pets include regular cleaning, teeth polishing and surgical extractions among many other advanced procedures. Mouth is the common entryway through which the bacteria and microbes enter an animal’s body or stomach. To prevent diseases and infection that may occur due to bad oral hygiene, we are equipped with the latest oral surgical equipment to ensure safe veterinary dental cleaning in Edmonton.

Pet Dental Care & Routine Oral Examination

Most often, the pets with poor oral hygiene suffer from gum problems and periodontal diseases which can further pose a threat for heart, kidney or lung failure. This is why we, at Summerside Vet Hospital, offers a complete range of pet dentistry treatments for both dogs and cats.

Our veterinarians recommend conducting an oral examination as a part of the routine physical exam to make sure your beloved companion don’t have to suffer from a tooth problem. This way, we can identify any underlying oral hygiene problems such as swellings or missing teeth. If you have a senior pet at home, get it examined for the periodontal disease or formation of plaque and tartar.

How We Care For Your Pet’s Teeth?

Animals suffer from the same pain and discomfort arising from the tooth pain as we do. We know how much concerned you are about your pet’s well being, this is the reason why our Edmonton dental vets provide in-clinic tooth treatments. In order to keep your pet’s teeth healthy and prevent oral problems, you should:

  • Schedule a dental exam for your dog or cat every month
  • Provide routine dental cleanings as recommended by a vet
  • Brush and floss your pet’s teeth daily
  • Give your pet’s healthy dental hygiene treats
  • Serve food that controls tartar and plaque formation

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