Pet Identification Services in Edmonton

Pet IdentificationPet owners do not expect to lose their furry companions, however when the unexpected happens one needs to be prepared. The primary reason why pets fail to reunite with their families is missing contact information; owners can significantly improve the chances of their furry friends being returned to them with a permanent pet identification device, otherwise known as a microchip.

A Microchip is one of the most reliable pet identification methods used by both by veterinarians and rescue shelters. It is implanted under an animal’s skin, usually without anesthesia or surgery, and equals the size of a grain of rice. This is a permanent source of identification because each chip contains a unique code that can be read by veterinarians and animal shelters with a microchip scanner. In addition to microchipping your pet, it is also recommended that you provide your pet a collar with tags and your contact information which can be easily read by anyone who may find your pet.

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Why Choose Our Animal Hospital For Pet Identification in Edmonton?

There is nothing more heart-rending than knowing your furry companion is missing and we, at Summerside Vet Hospital, understand this and therefore provide pet identification services that will help you keep peace of mind in case they go missing. Additionally, our staff believe it is important to work along-side many animal rescues and reunite lost animals with their families.

At Summerside Vet Hospital, we provide safe and reliable microchip implanting services to help you improve the chances of your lost pet being returned home safely and timely.