Behavioral Medicine

Rescue MedicineJust like humans, pets can suffer from stress and anxiety. Whether the emotional trauma is due to separation, getting injured, visits to the animal hospital or loud noises. Summerside Vet Hospital, in Edmonton, provides services to calm your pet’s anxiety in emergency or crisis situations.

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Behavioral Changes in Pets

Are you noticing significant changes in your pet’s behavior?

If yes, then you should consider arranging a complete medical evaluation appointment with your veterinarian. A medical professional will rule out any physical or medical reasons for these unexplained behavioral changes.

Please DO NOT try treating your pet yourself if they are exhibiting aggression, vicious behavior or any other form of behavior that can cause damage to themselves, others or property. It is important that only a qualified veterinarian addresses these issues with your furry companion.

A sudden change in behavior can indicate a number of various issues – let us help you determine the cause.