Possible Reasons for Your Dog to be Under Stress

Possible Reasons for Your Dog to be Under Stress

Dogs are one of the best friends of their owners. They jump, run, hug you and make you so much happy all day long. When dogs are happy, they will make you happy and live a fulfilled life.

There are times when your dog might not want to do any of these fun activities and feel like left alone. A happy mind is the reflection of a healthy mind and body.

When any of these two are disturbed, one can fall prey to stress. Yes! Your dog can also get into the stress mode and the worst part is that it cannot even tell you the cause of pain which you have to figure it out on your own.

Signs for your dog being stressed:-

1. Gastrointestinal Pain

Gastrointestinal pain is the result of food poisoning which results to indigestion and intestinal pain. Although this is with most of the cases, but constipation and diarrhea can also result in gastrointestinal problems.
This pain can make your dog irritated, always leading to a stress.

2. Decrease in Appetite

We all know that dogs love to eat. This is very much true and shows that a dog is living a healthy and happy life. What if it suddenly loses interest in the food?
This can be a serious concern as it hints to stress or some other problem that the dog might be experiencing. Consult a vet immediately to know the exact problem.

3. Isolation

Every dog demands some ‘me’ time and that is perfectly OK. The problem arises when your dog is asking too much of isolating time for himself.
If he is not mixing with other pets or refuses to go out, it is a clear indication that your friend is under some stress. Try to figure out on your own or take him to a vet.

4. Over sleeping

Just like humans, pets also need an adequate amount of sleep to remain healthy. See that your dog is not sleeping too much or feeling lethargic most of the times.
If so, chances are that it is going through some stress or suffering from some disease such as diabetes, heart problems, tumor etc.

5. Over aggressive

Dogs are aggressive and that is a very natural thing. The unnatural thing is when it starts getting too aggressive or attacking other animals.
This is a clear indication that the dog is ill or under some stress. You can also see some expressions of fear on his face. Take him to the clinic before it’s too late for the solution.

The above points might help you in detecting the cause for your dog’s stress. Still, if you are not able to understand, it is best to consult a vet. If you have any doubts, speak to our team and we will make sure all your concerns are resolved.