Spay and Neuter Surgery in Edmonton

Spay and Neuter Surgery

Do you want your pet dog or cat to stay healthy and active throughout its life? If yes, opt for getting them spayed or neutered at an early age. Summerside Vet Hospital is a renowned animal hospital providing safe procedures for spay and neuter in Edmonton. These procedures are not only good for pets but also for pet owners and community..

What Does Pet Spay Or Neuter Means?

Spay/neuter is also known with other names. When someone says you that has pet has been “fixed” or “altered”, this means it is spayed or neutered in the medical terms.

  • Spay is the veterinary practice for surgical removal of a female animal’s reproductive organs. This is done to make sure that it doesn’t become pregnant any time in life.
  • Neuter is the surgical removal of male animal’s testicles. This is done to make sure that he doesn’t impregnate a female at anytime in life.

These surgeries are risky and are only performed by experienced veterinarians who are well versed with the use of anesthesia. This reduces the pain and induces numbness during the surgery. However, when the animal gains consciousness after the surgery, it may experience some discomfort or even pain. To make sure your beloved pet doesn’t have to go through much pain, we provide post surgery recovery advice.

When Should I Get My Pet Spayed/Neutered?

Though Edmonton spay and neuter surgery can be performed at any age, make sure your pet is in sound health and has a good appetite. At Summerside Vet Hospital, our vets recommend that you should get your pets altered at the age of around four to six months. This is an ideal age to prevent surgical complications and also helps in reducing the unwanted count of litters.

Benefits of spaying your female dog or cat include:

  • It decreases the risk of serious conditions like uterine infection, ovarian cancer and breast cancer.
  • It is a less expensive procedure as compared to the cost of treating an infection of cancer.
  • You can avoid the expenses of emergency C-section, or raising a litter of puppies/kittens.

Benefits of neutering your male dog or cat include:

  • It decreases the risk of serious medical conditions and complications like testicular cancer.
  • It generates a positive effect on your pet’s behavior and overall health.
  • It tends to make male pets less aggressive, less territorial and less likely to roam.

Spaying/ neutering your pets is your responsibility that should be prioritized over anything. If you are looking for vets in Edmonton providing safe spay/neuter surgeries, feel free to visit our clinic for consultation.

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