I recommend Summerside Vet Hospital to anyone looking for compassionate and skilled care for their four-legged family members! We took our 11-year-old chihuahua, Missy Pickles, to Summerside Vet Hospital this week for a teeth cleaning/extraction. The same procedure was attempted at a different clinic in 2015 and, at no fault of our previous vet, Missy Pickles’ heart stopped while going under anaesthetic. We were nervous to undertake a similar procedure, but knew how badly it was needed. Dr. Ali answered all our questions in advance of the procedure, provided updates during the procedure and thoroughly explained the after-care instructions. Missy Pickles is now recovering after having all her teeth removed–she is going great! Thank you, Summerside Vet Hospital! ❤ Megan Candie

Our two dogs we adopted from Sundance and our two cats see Dr.Ali. We have found Dr Ali and her staff to be very caring and professional. We appreciate the follow up call to make sure everything is good after our appointment. We also find her prices very reasonable. We wouldn’t take our pets anywhere else. ❤ – Greta Gerstner

The rescue society we got our dog from, Sundance Canine Rescue, takes all their dogs here and provides great care. We love going here, they have very good hours and the vet obviously loves animals. Would highly recommend. ❤ -Lee-Ann Nelson

This hospital has nothing but passion and commitment to all that walk in the door! They explain everything to you take time with you of all options etc! My gratitude is endless to Dr Ali and her staff. Thank you ❤ Sandra UnderschuLtz

This vet provides veterinary services for Sundance Canine Rescue – who are an amazing organization and who I got my wonderful dog Louie from. If I lived closer I would definitely go to them. Thanks Summerside for your care of Sundance rescue animals. ❤ – Anne McIntosh 

Dr Ali is very compassionate and caring. The facility is clean and tidy. There was a younger vet there who misdiagnosed my dog so I do not recommend her, but Dr Ali herself is very knowledgeable and a superb Doctor, reasonable rates as well.Thanks ❤ Chow

Summerside Vet Hospital is the BEST vet in the world. The atmosphere is calming and my dog loves Dr. Ali. So happy and grateful that I found them. They truly are a clinic for helping and loving animals and not just about the money… They want your pet to be healthy and cared for. ❤ – Cindy Cherkowsk

I just wanted to vouch for the new Summerside Vet clinic that just opened. I took my very sick dog there yesterday. I called first thing in the morning and they got me in an hour later. The service was above and beyond what I had expected. I will definetely be back!
– Krista Lynn Anderson

We have taken both our cats here, and just this past weekend brought our cat in for a last minute surgery. The staff are really caring and helpful and our cat is doing much better. Love the convenient hours too! Thank You! – Michelle LeMoignan

The best experience I have ever had. Not only are you greeted by their friendly staff, but the care and knowledge of my vet goes beyond any other care I have received from other locations. I walked out of there knowing my Honey was going to be in good hands and receive the best care. I will be recommending this vet hospital to all my friends and family.
To all the staff and Dr.Azhar Ali, Thank you for the loving care you gave my Honey 🙂 – Coreen Krowchenko Malloy

Dr.Ali takes the time needed to care for pets. Thank you for the awesome care from front staff to Dr it was a very good experience. Xena woke up this morning like nothing ever happened ☺️Caralee Boychuk
I can’t say enough good things about this vet. Very compasionate and took such good care of our girl. – Dani Chafe

Great staff. Clean and great hours. Will be our vet for years. – Rob Kroetsch


We adopted a senior dog about 6 months ago. It was suggested that we try out this clinic. It is about 30 min across town but we really wanted to find a good vet for our new member of the family. We have found the service very professional but at the same time very caring. As I said the dog is a senior 8yr. old. She came with some health concerns – Dr. Ali has guided us how to handle these health problems. She does not ever rush through her explanations of treatment and gives all the options. If I could give the clinic a 10 rating I would but I will give it a 5 star. It is worth the 30 min. drive over to Summerside! – Robin Wheatley

Dr. Ali and the staff at Summerside Vet Hospital are amazing. They are very compassionate and easy to talk to. Dr. Ali always takes the time to examine our dogs, making sure that they are healthy, explains how to deal with skin issues or injuries, and takes the time to answer all our questions. They are there to help celebrate the progress our rescue dogs make, and there when difficult decisions have to be made. Dr. Ali truly cares for the animals that come into her care and it shows. Thank you for providing an amazing clinic for the animals and the people that care for the animals. Debby Neff Sundance Canine Rescue Society – Debby Neff

We rescued our puppy from Sundance Canine Rescue Society this past year. Took him to summerside vet clinic for neuter and umbilical hernia. The overall atmosphere of the clinic was great and the staff were very kind and passionate. The way they handled our puppy was very reassuring. The facility was very clean and great parking which is a plus. I would 100% recommend this vet clinic. Great customer service !!! – Cody Arnell

I rescued my dog from Sundance Canine Rescue Society this past year. We took him to summerside vet for his neuter and to have his little umbilical hernia fixed. I honestly found this vet office very welcoming. The staff were very kind and you can tell they have a passion for animals. The way they handled my puppy was very reassuring. The facility was very clean and the area is easily accessible. I would 100% recommend this vet clinic. Not only are they great at what they do but they have wonderful customer service and they support local rescue. – Summer Scott

I was working came back home i see my dog not eat or walking right so i went to Guarding 24/7 vet they told me my pug was having infection of the uterus called pyometra she need to have surgery now i could not paid for it cause it cost almost 4K$ for the Surgery too much for me to paid i didn’t have that much money at the time i only have few 2K$ in my bank not enough to paid Guarding i was crying to my sister on the cell phone to sent me money for my dog and my brother in law they say yes Guarding Stuff they told me to look at other website for cheaper then Guarding so spent all day trying to find right one for the right prices so i click few time then i find summerside vet hospital with a Affordable Surgery and the Medication they help me that day and next day she have the Surgery and then next went to pick her up from the vet she is ok no longerin pain i was the happyness person that day Bless Them for helping my dog she is family to me and to my sister and brother in law this place is the great place good Doctor and good stuff they help out a lot when every i have problem with my dog on my phone will come back again to have check up and visited in the future now i can sleep good at at night without worry of my dog and thank you god for helping me find this Vet place in Jesus name Amen. – Kelsy Crier

I took my two yrs old Husky there for dental service. I’ve never been there before and they got us the same day. We saw Dr. Ali and she was amazing! She treated my dog with affection. She has a lot of knowledge, I learned a lot from her. What I mostly like about this clinic is they Don’t push you to get any service, they show you options and you make your own decision. I highly suggest this clinic! – Kim Laim

Dr. Azhar was very good and gentle with my critters. Very professional, she was quickly diagnosed and treated the same day and at a reasonable cost. I was very happy with the service and how friendly the staff are. Great job by all! Thanks – Eric Almonte

So Happy to have this hospital in our neighbourhood. I was there last week for meet and greet the Vet. The staff and the vet are very nice . it was 1st time i see my dog not nervous when it comes to animal clinic. They ordered food for me and it was there next days and with less price than i was paying with my previous clinic. They have great service with very good prices. We will keep going there for sure…. – Anna C.

Love this place. Excellent experience with Summerside Vet Hospital Edmonton. A very knowledgeable and professional staff. They are extremely friendly and customer orientated. The prices are affordable. I suggest all my friends to go to this clinic. – David Bardin

I just left this vet and was very happy with the Dr. Azhar and the staff. This will now be my dogs place to visit when needed. They are compassionate, caring and really good at answering all my endless questions. If you love your pet, it’s worth the money. Thank you everyone there. I would highly recommend Summerside Vet Hospital. – Jeffrey Brous

Dr. Ali and her team are incredibly caring, professional, and fantastic with my dog. They are able to special order the allergy treatment products I need at a cheaper rate than what I was paying elsewhere. In the 2+ years I’ve been going to Summerside Vet Hospital, our appointments have always started on time (or even early). Definitely recommend this clinic. – Jillian Brown

Although my visit was to put my cat down, they were amazing, cannot say enough good things about this clinic. Caring, compassionate and all around excellent people. – Lindsey Gallivan

Thank you Jennifer for the awesome review! We look forward to seeing Spook, Tiny, Bobo and of course you on your next visit! – Jennifer Thackrey

This animal clinic is great. Clean, efficient and affordable. I cant say enough great things about this place. – Melissa Alexandruk

Wonderful friendly staff and vet. Didn’t push medications or vaccines without justification. -Amanda Kuseta

I brought my dog there to be put down, the staff was so compassionate with myself and dog, the vet answered all my questions, and I felt at peace with my decision .Thank you – Leanne Brownell
Friendly and helpful. Clean and well maintained. – Christie Dziver

Great Staff and Dr. Ali is Fabulous. My dog is now healing from her knee surgery she received at the clinic and is now in physio and is doing just great. Dr. Ali and her staff take such great care of my big girl and I greatly appreciate all they do for her. – Kim Bellamy