What To Do If My Pet Has Got The Canine Influenza?

What To Do If My Pet Has Got The Canine Influenza?

Canine Influenza is a virus in dogs that was first noticed in 2004 and was immediately treated by providing the vaccination. The diseases appear suddenly in dogs and slowly catch the other companions of the dog. Another name for canine influenza is dog flue. This is a highly contagious upper respiratory infection that causes by type A influenza virus. The big source of spreading the dog flu is coughing and sneezing. Thus, it infects the other dogs, even cats can be the victim of canine influenza. Here is a complete guide for canine influenza disease and treatment.

A dog infected with canine influenza will show the below symptoms:

  • Dry, hacking or moist cough
  • Fever between 101 to 102 f
  • Discharge from the nose and eyes
  • No or less appetite
  • Fatigue

When you notice these symptoms, keep your pet separate from other pets so that the other pets can’t adopt this diseases. You are also suggested to wash your hands and use the anti-hygienic products after interacting with your pets.

Preventive Tips
The only solution to canine influenza is, give necessary vaccination and prevent your dog to get in touch with other pets. Don’t use any DIY treatment or don’t delay to take veterinary services after recognizing the symptoms of canine influenza in your dog.
When you notice that your pet has got canine influenza, immediately consult the veterinarian. Such diseases can be cured using the vaccination that your vet specialist will discuss with you. Due to the dog flu, your dog may become inactive. To make your pet get back the healthy condition, follow the below tips:

  • Give your dog a proper nutritious diet
  • Practice the different exercises
  • Socialize your pets
  • Maintain the hygienic atmosphere
  • Give your pet some toys to play with

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