Your Cat’s Exam Day


Preparation Checklist

Check List

A visit to the vet can be very stressful event, as cats are a creature of habit. Let’s make Tigger’s Veterinary visit as stress free as possible.

We recommend leaving the cat carrier out in the main living space all year round to make it a home away from home.

Place soft bedding and towels inside the carrier that have  your cat’s familiar scent.


Consider using a synthetic feline pheromone spray / diffuser 

such as Feliway.

Spray the pheromone spray in the kennel just before appointment. *Do not spray directly on your cat.


Ask us about our Calming Carrier Patch! Pick up your cat’s patch before your appointment.

Be sure to keep the patch in the plastic seal, then take it out 1 hour before the appointment and place it inside the carrier. 


Refrain from feeding 2 hours prior to your cat’s appointment, as this will help to prevent any car sickness.


For some cats we recommend using calming medication 1-2 hours before your appointment. Ask our Doctor’s if that would be a good fit for your cat.

For tips on how to effectively give your cat’s medication give us a call.

Bring your list of questions and concerns to ask the Doctor. We know how overwhelming a trip to the Vet can be.